Pre School Program

The Pre School Program is a ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Eden, North Carolina. It is governed by the Session that has delegated the general oversight to the Pre School Committee. The Director, a paid staff member of the Church staff, will oversee the daily operations of the Pre School Program.


To provide a Christian atmosphere where each child will be able to grow spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.


The Pre School Program is comprised of four divisions. Each division is based on the age of the children and the number of day per week the class meets. School starts at 9: am and ends of 12:00 noon. They are as follows:
  • Two-Year Old Class – The class meets on Wednesday and Thursdays each week. The maximum enrollment is 12. We have one class and the cost is $120.00 per month.
  • Three-Year Old Class – The classes meet on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week. The maximum enrollment is 12 per class. We have two classes and the cost is $120.00 per month.
  • Four-Year Old (3 Days) Class – The classes meet on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays of each week. Each class has a maximum enrollment of 12. We have two classes and the cost is $145.00 per month.
  • Four-Year Old (5 Days) Class – The class meets 5 days a week. The maximum enrollment is 9. We have one class and the cost is $170.00 per month.



Monday, August 24th

Teachers Begin

Thursday, August27th

Parent Evening Orientation

Friday, August 28th

Children Visit Classrooms

Monday, August 31st

Classes Begin

Monday, September 7th

Labor Day – No Preschool

Wednesday, November 11th

Veteran’s Day – No Preschool

Wed. – Fri., Nov 25th -27th

Thanksgiving – No Preschool

Tuesday, December 8th

Preschool Evening Open House

Mon. – Fri., Dec. 21st – Jan 1st

Christmas Holidays – No Preschool

Monday, January 4th

Preschool Re-opens

Monday, January 18th

Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday


No Preschool

Tuesday, January 19th

Teacher Workday – No Preschool

Fri. – Fri., Mar. 25th – Ap. 1st

Easter Holiday – No Preschool

Monday, April 4th

Preschool Re-opens

Sunday, April 24th

Preschool Sunday & Church Lunch

Tuesday, May 24th

Last Day for Mon./Tues. Classes

Wednesday, May 25th

Last Day for Wed./Thur. Classes

Thursday, May 26th

Preschool Graduation – 11:00 A.M.

Friday, May 27th

Last Day For All 4-Year Old Classes


Preschool Registration

Beginning Monday, March 9th.
Registration open to public

Chapel Time:
Tuesday and Thursday with Pastor Kevin
Mon. Aug. 25th--Teachers begin

Thurs. Aug.28th--Parent Orientation-Evening--Worship Center

Fri. Aug.29th-- Children Visit Classrooms

Mon. Sept.1st Labor Day--No School

Tues. Sept.2nd-Classes Begin

Tues. Nov. 11th--Veteran’s Day--No School

Wed.- Fri. Nov. 26th-28th—Thanksgiving--No School


Mon. Dec. 22ndd-Fri. Jan. 2nd-Christmas Break--School Re-opens Monday, Jan. 5th

Mon. Jan19th --Martin Luther King, Jr.  Birthday--No School

Fri. Feb. 27th—Teacher Workday--No School

Mon. Mar.30th- Mon. Apr.6th-Easter Break-School re-opens Tues. Apr. 7th


Mon. May 25th-Memorial Day-No Preschool

Tues. May 26th--Last Day for Mon./Tues. classes

Wed. May 27th--Last Day for Wed/Thurs. classes

Thurs. May 28th--PRESCHOOL GRADUATION 11:00 a.m.

Fri. May 29th—Last Day for all 4-year-old classes